House of Management specializes in Project Management and sourcing of Information Technology. We work with an intend on achieving the best results together with our customers. Our resources consist of experienced consultants and a strong network of partners, all with a high level of expertice within a broad range of interrelated areas - and all with a lot of experience within their fields support by a high level of theoretical knowledge.


Honesty, integrity and great communication are just some of the values that we honor. We consider transparency in our work an important factor to achieve great coorporation and ensure high levels of quality, without fallbacks.


We are working with human beings. Technology and processes are but parts of a greater picture. It is people that implement and people that wok together to achieve a goal and manifest a purpose. For this reason, interaction and communication between people is an important factor. We are not just excel sheets or charts. We are people with a passion for projects, management and sourcing done right.

Digitalization & Strategy
What is digitalization & strategy to us?

Digitalization is the process of moving to a digital business by providing new revenue and value-producing opportunities. At House of Management, we excel in the ability to develop Digitalization Strategies based on known best practices combined with our unique methods and know-how. At House of Management we do not only consult you in developing the Digitalization Strategy and Roadmap, we also specialize in the execution afterwards, making sure the benefits are truly realized and pitfalls are avoided.

Why excel in digitalization?

Many organizations are struggling to concretize their digitalization opportunities and create a roadmap that is both ambitious and realistic at the same time. However, digitalization is a core element of improving business performance, processes and consistency in a world where markets are changing faster than ever. At House of Management, we consider an efficient approach to Business Case development and review key in such endeavor. For inspiration, consider our article highlighting the most important aspects of business cases and how to utilize them here.

How do we stand out in the ability to consult and execute on digitalization?

We have gathered years of experience working with digitalization initiatives not only at a management level, but at the operational level as well. We know about the struggle of employees having to change their everyday work routine, and the difficulty in making everyone understand and accept the reason for change, which is why we take all levels into consideration while developing the roadmap to true digitalization.

Project Management

What is project management to us?

With a long portfolio of managing projects, programs and portfolios in medium and large cap organizations, Project Management has become a core competency within House of Management. We are proud to deliver best in class Project Management both by using our skillset to get things done while managing the project by the book.

How do we stand out in the ability to deliver project management?

We take a great pride in making sure the project is managed with a high level of transparency and governed with precision and efficiency to ensure the best direction for the project at all times. We value highly effective collaboration with our stakeholders, which is achieved through great communication and a great sense of responsibility. And perhaps most important, we value the mindset of getting things done. Complimented with our ability to innovate within the field of Project Management, these capabilities makes us the preferred choice for our partners.


What is innovation to us?

Innovation is far more than a term explaining how to create or develop new products. We see innovation as a comprehensive company-wide endeavor, being a driver for working smarter, creating new products, and expanding the customer segment. Taking inspiration from our journeys to Silicon Valley sparring and with leaders from some of the most innovative companies in the world, we help define new ways of working and approaching strategic initiatives which will ensure long term business innovation.

Why excel in innovation?

Having the right foundation will ensure that a business will keep creating value and increase performance, thus securing your business in the future to come. We help set and prioritize the terms and conditions under which innovation is more likely to thrive by utilizing experience with an inspirational offset in theoretical framework developed by global leaders in innovation.

How do we stand out in the ability to consult and execute on innovation?

We excel your innovation capabilities by combining almost a decade of experience in working with innovation for mid and large cap organizations with how the ‘best of breed’ practitioners do and what the newest theoretical frameworks illustrates.


What is automization to us?

In the context of information technology, Automization is more than a word for working smarter and more efficiently. It is the ability to decrease the complexity of IT environments and thereby free up resources, increase efficiency and make room for innovation.

Why excel in automization?

When House of Management introduces automization, we particularly focus on:

  • Freeing up resources.

  • Decreasing the amount of education.

  • Minimizing the amount of human errors.

  • Minimizing the risk of being solely dependent on few key resources.

  • Giving your employees a sense of working smart.

How do we stand out in the ability to consult and execute on automization?

By utilizing our unique partnerships with some of the best automization specialists in the industry, combined with our decade of explicit end-to-end experience, makes us able stand out when using our best practice tools and end-to-end experience.