House of Management


Training and Courses

House of Management Academy offers a broad range of training and certification in best practice Project Management methods and skillsets, including:

  • PRINCE2 (Project Management)

  • MoP (Management of Portfolios)

  • M_o_R (Management of Risks)

  • MSP (Management of Programmes)


We believe that to become truly succesfull in managing Projects and Programmes demands a sufficient mindset and skillset in addition to methodogical knowledge and know-how. Without the right mindset and skillset that goes well beyond any methology, managing projects is risky business.To compliment this, we offer a range of different training options that will strengthen these aspects significantly with an outset of your organization and your specific context. These include:

  • Coaching 1:1 or Small Groups

  • Peer Review Training

  • Simulation Training

  • Business Case Management

  • Tailored Workshops

  • Sr. Management Training

Within analysis and application respectively there will be different grades of skillset levels. Analysis skillset of the individual delegate can be assessed in a training setting where they demonstrate skills on real life cases and through simulations. To assess the Application level, it is necessary to use the delegates own projects or programmes.

The key to successful project and programme management is to establish clear agreements with the stakeholders via inclusive and transparent processes. To reach Application level will require strong leadership skills and strong skills in Stakeholder Engagement.